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Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems


Brian May:
> If people feel strongly that init system XYZ should be supported, then
> presumably somebody will do the work to make sure it is supported, and it
> does work. As I believe is the case now.

Correct. But this proposal would make *something* RC buggy until *somebody*
writes some software, and it's not at all clear which thing should get the
bug, who that somebody is, or what happens if no *somebody* steps up --
do we drop Gnome? (Or whichever software next exhibits a problem along
these lines.)

In this case, some people stepped up and wrote that something – because
they saw a need for it. Fine, superb, this is how Debian should work.
Did work, even without this GR. What a surprise …

> On another topic, I think we need a GR stating that all software should
> work 100% with any window manager, especially my favourite window manager,
> Awesome.

Same problem. Same solution: either somebody is motivated enough to do the
work (and, hopefully, Upstream will take the patches), or interoperability
will not happen. Making up other issues along these lines is left as an
exercise to the reader.

In either case, a GR forcing RC bugs on the issue is not helpful IMHO.

-- Matthias Urlichs

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