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Re: Standardization, large scale changes, innovations

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Abillity to understand fairly simple shell script is not a
>  matter of tenure. It is a matter of competence.  I am dismayed that a
>  fairly bland invocation of find seems opaque, in your opinion, to
>  people coming into the project today. I hope that is not indeed
>  true. Personally, I find a small shell snippet to be clearer than a
>  reference to a external program

So, when I looked at your shell script, the problem was not in
understanding it, it was in convincing myself that none of the 2 or 3
possible bugs I saw in it affected it in the way it was currently 
used in your packages, or could cause a surprise later.

For example, it hardcodes excluding anything in /var from the md5sums.
At the same time, it does not exclude conffiles, or anything in /etc.
make has neither, but how, I wondered, could this code be used for
something like tome, that does have files in /var, that need to be
md5summed, as well as conffiles, which should not? Ah, turns out you
have a different version there, that removes the /var exclude, and
excludes /etc instead.

(BTW, tome's use of /var/games for static game data smells of a FHS
violation to me.)

see shy jo

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