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Re: Resolving the controversy

On Sat, Nov 22 2008, Sandro Tosi wrote:

> Really? you didn't explain why; what I'm asking is what you did to fix
> the bugs you believe to violate your interpretation of DFSG. That's my
> point (dunno what you understood)

        If you want to see what kind of work some DD is doing, can you
 take it to private email instead?

>> matter, and I'll ask you to kindly stop attacking people instead of
>> arguments.
> is this your argumentation?

        It is mine. Pleas take all argumentum ad hominem off the
 debian-vote mailing list.

>> If all you're interested in doing is demanding my credentials and
>> painting me as an outsider, I don't think this contributes to the
>> discussion at all.
> It contributes a lot! experience gives new points of view.

        I don't think it matters. You should be looking at the arguments
 being made, not the people who are making them.  The discussion ought
 to stand on its own merit, argument by authority is not something to
 strive for. 

> Months are passed and the situation is the same: talk with you is like
> talking to walls. I'm going back to ignore you again, like many others
> do, sorry.

        I am afraid that if you persist in this line of attacking people
 rather than their arguments, I might be forced into a similar opinion.

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