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Re: Resolving the controversy

Jacob Hallén <jacob@openend.se> writes:

> The first paragraph of the SC is a lie!

I wasn't lying when I agreed to that. It's a promise, a measure to
stive for. I will concede that we're currently not meeting that
promise, but that doesn't make it a lie.

> Debian is not 100% free software, and it never has been.

Indeed. Those instances where it's not free are bugs to be fixed.

> 1. The SC states that the goals of Debian is to promote the general
> use if free software and that whenever a decision is made, the
> choice that maximses the use and promulgation of free software will
> be taken.

Does it? I think it states rather that the choice that maximises
conformance with the promises in the social contract will be taken.

> This implies that non-free software (firmware, documentation) may at
> times be part of the Debian offering, because the alternatives would
> harm the spread of free software.

I don't think “the spread of free software” is a concern in the
social contract.

> 2. The SC states that the goals of Debian is to produce a totally
> free software distribution.
> This implies that practicality for users is not a concern and that
> Debian is produced for a select few, who get to live in full
> freedom.

What utter tosh. You may perceive that, but it's nowhere to be found
in the document.

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