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Re: Call for seconds: Revised ballot

Debian Project Secretary <secretary@debian.org> wrote:
>         This is an interesting point. It all depends on the definition
>  of what a resolution is, and whether a resolution can have multiple
>  options, or not. I consider a resolution to be a formal expression of
>  the opinion or will of an official body or a public assembly, adopted
>  by vote. See "§A.1 Proposal" and "§A.1 Discussion and Amendment".
>         While I am tentatively ruling this so, I am still open to
>  feedback, and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who thinks my
>  determination on this issue is at fault, in which case we shall discuss
>  this further.

Please would you regard each option as a resolution and allow people
to second all of them, or some subset of them if they wish?

I think that the options are mutually incompatible (feel free to rule
otherwise), so will be on the same ballot anyway, so is there any
benefit in making people send N seconding emails when they want to
second all those options being on the ballot?  If they object to one,
they can omit it from their sponsorship.

On a related point, I've been disappointed for a while that amendments
are used to replace (rather than amend) proposals.  I believe
requiring people to pick X or Y or Z (instead of X + Y - Z) makes it
much harder to develop a consensus.  Would any DDs be willing to
support a GR that requires amendments to keep a non-trivial part of
the proposal? Otherwise, it should be a new alternative resolution.

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