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Re: Question for candidate Towns

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:

> Frank Küster wrote:
>> With that hat on, this statement is perfectly acceptable, just as all
>> the mails you sent about NEW processing.  The problem, to me, is that
>> you fail to see the issue from a different side, and you definitely
>> *should* as a DPL candidate.  As a DPL candidate, you should not
>> only care about how delegates do
>> their work.  You should also care about how this work is communicated to
>> the other developers, and how the other developers perceive this work.
> If you don't think I'll behave as well as another candidate, please
> rank me below that person. That's fine, that's the way this is meant
> to work.

As far as I understood, the campaigning period is also meant to
communicate one's opinion about different candidates to other
developers.  This is what I did.

> If you're asking me what I think about how delegates to their work;
> well, I thought I'd already covered this, but to reiterate: I think by
> and large all our delegates are doing a good job, and the most
> effective assistance they could get is support from the project for
> their work, and the best way to to improve communication of what's
> going on is to ensure such communication is welcomed wholeheartedly,
> not by a "That's great, but" response including a treatise on how else
> they're unsatisfactory.

It seems that many people try to communicate with the ftpmaster team,
and get the feeling that this communication is not welcomed at all, if
ever read.  Whether this is correct or not does not matter; the feeling
is there and has a bad influence on how they work, and how they interact
with the ftpmaster team.

>> Obviously, the ftpmasters' work is perceived as problematic by DD's
>> (problematic for them, and for the project).
> If you're not perceiving things in a way that matches reality, the
> problem's your own, not anyone else's.

Right.  But I don't talk of the reality of how the ftpmaster team does
their job, but of the reality of how a large subgroup of developers
perceive this work (and act/flame/... accordingly).  This is some sort
of reality, too, with considerable impact on the work of the project.

> Hrm, you know, that's enough about NEW and ftpmaster from me. If my
> views are really that unclear, or otherwise require further
> exploration, how about an original example?

Your problem seems to be that you believe you know what "the reality"
is.  You're not wrong, but you're not right either - obviously there are
more than one "reality" here.

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster
Inst. f. Biochemie der Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer

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