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Re: Question for candidate Towns

Eduard Bloch wrote:
Sorry, I did not follow the threads from the beginning, but... whom
should I believe? I inteprett your answers as exactly what Henning
describes. What I miss is a clear statement:
 - what is going wrong
 - why is it going wrong

Uh, what are you talking about? NEW processing?

For example, there is no excuse for blocking libs because of obvious
soname changes in new, for months now.

They're not blocked, they're just not being done. The answers to your question are either "NEW is not being processed / because people don't have the time to do it", or "People don't have enough time / because we've got a release to get out and in general, that's just the way life is" depending on what you were asking. There's nothing more to it than that.

Or, heck, even "Nothing is going wrong, the archive is working exactly as it's meant to; we're sorry that's not enough to satisfy your every
whim (really!), and are working on fixing that as time permits".

I guess all the above is with ftpmaster hat on, not DPL candidate.

doubt that you can realize that - when did YOU submit YOUR last _new_
package and had to wait two months?

Dude, in future try it without the snarky remarks.


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