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Re: Question for candidate Towns

Scripsit Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au>
> Matthew Garrett wrote:

>> (I'm not suggesting that the ftp-masters are doing their job
>> inadequately here,

> See, that's the thing, you _are_. You can tell, because you had to
> explicitly refute the idea; it's the same as being able to tell you're
> being offensive when you feel the need to say "no offense
> intended".

No. He had to explicitly refute the idea because you're famous for
consistently interpreting *any* suggestion that something in our
organisation might not work optimally and needs improvement as if it
was a personal attack on whomever is currently responsible for that
particular something.

> And sometime's that's necessary; but it's happening
> _continually_, which is just tiresome and demotivating.

What's extremely demotivating is your continued insistence that
everybody who want to improve something is attacking the people who
are involved in the something that could be improved.

As in: The first step in improving something is to find out more about
what the problem is. The way to learn about what the problem is is to
ask on an appropriate mailing list. Whenever one asks what the problem
is, Anthony Towns will immediately reinterpret the question as "being
offense" and an accusation that the problem is that the current
delegates are not doing their job properly. This instantly turns the
initial problem-solving attempt into an unproductive flamewar.

This is probably going to happen no matter who we elect for DPL, but I
cannot begin to imagine the chilling effect it would have if Anthony
Towns were also the DPL, who in his campaign have asserted that "being
offensive" should lead the one asking the question to be "suspended,
banned, or removed from the project entirely".

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