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Re: Question for candidate Towns

#include <hallo.h>
* Anthony Towns [Mon, Mar 07 2005, 12:34:02AM]:

> I'm pretty confident I can find someone who's not me to enforce that 
> policy who doesn't suffer from that level of infamy, and I'm also pretty 
> confident that given that policy being actually enforced, that I can 
> encourage a bunch of people who currently aren't interested in 
> participating in the lists to change their view.
> You're, of course, welcome to believe that or not, as you see fit.

Sorry, I did not follow the threads from the beginning, but... whom
should I believe? I inteprett your answers as exactly what Henning
describes. What I miss is a clear statement:

 - what is going wrong
 - why is it going wrong

Maybe some status page in wiki.debian.org (refered in your signature)
would help much more than you think. Without any clue, one can only
follow the reasoning in polemic mails and you are (personal opinion) not
really good at fighting back.

For example, there is no excuse for blocking libs because of obvious
soname changes in new, for months now. It is really not understandable,
it annoys people because their work gets stuck because someone is
<insert reason> to copy&paste few lines to another file to allow some
dependency to be accepted. This is really not understandable. OTOH I
doubt that you can realize that - when did YOU submit YOUR last _new_
package and had to wait two months?

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