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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

On Saturday 19 February 2005 02:30 pm, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Branden's implication on IRC was that he had already paid it when he
> got the note from your mother, and that you had already said Huzzah!
> when your mother sent the reminder, suggesting that you and she don't
> communicate very well about business.

A strained suggestion at best. A promise from SPI to pay is not the same as a 
check in hand. My Mom doesn't read spi-private. Worst case scenerio, I did 
not run into my Mom's office and shout "they paid!" the second I read 
Branden's post.

It mostly indicates that Branden did not copy my Mother on his message 
announcing payment. Otherwise, why would he write her?

In any case, my beef is that he is publicly talking about the incompetence of 
my organization for totally unsubstantiated reasons. That's bad behavior. 
Even more so since my organization is a long-time, reliable and well behaved 
donor and supporter of the Debian project. If this is how Branden treats 
friends I'd hate to see how he treats enemies.

> But my question is: why did you not discuss this privately with him,
> instead of bringing it to a public mailing list?

Because his performance and behavior as SPI Treasurer continues to be the 
single best criteria to measure his ability to function as DPL.

Remember that Anita's inquiry was totally private. IRC is public and IRC 
discussions about my organization should and do concern me. Branden is the 
one who continues to publicly antagonize me on this topic for no apparent 
reason. I am discussing it on this list because his behavior reflects on his 
suitability as a candidate.

Ean Schuessler, CTO
Brainfood, Inc.

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