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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> writes:

> A strained suggestion at best. A promise from SPI to pay is not the
> same as a check in hand. My Mom doesn't read spi-private. Worst case
> scenerio, I did not run into my Mom's office and shout "they paid!"
> the second I read Branden's post.

Branden, it seems, announced that it had been paid well before you
said "Huzzah" and well before your mother asked.  He provided me the
proof in email, and I'm sure will give it to anyone else who asks

The question is: why didn't she ask you directly?  You're an officer
of the organization?

> Remember that Anita's inquiry was totally private. IRC is public and IRC 
> discussions about my organization should and do concern me. Branden is the 
> one who continues to publicly antagonize me on this topic for no apparent 
> reason. I am discussing it on this list because his behavior reflects on his 
> suitability as a candidate.

So why didn't you bring it up with him privately first?

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