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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

On a single day:

- My mother sent Branden another reminder to pay SPI's very late postage bill.
- Branden posted a message to the list saying he finally paid it.
- I read Branden's message and said "huzzah!".

What is your question?

ps. This is all after repeated reminders and invoices by physical mail, e-mail 
and IRC for more than six months. I mean, wouldn't you say "huzzah!" too?

On Saturday 19 February 2005 02:10 am, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> Justice?  You didn't answer the basic point, which I find interesting,
> since, after all, you brought it up.
> Why didn't the payee of this check ask you instead of Branden?  Do you
> not communicate?

Ean Schuessler, CTO
Brainfood, Inc.

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