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Vote Robinson for DPL!

For those of you who don't watch #spi regularly I thought I would forward this 
along. I think it really embodies the professional tone and spirit that 
Branden brings to all of his endeavors and may help you when you are making 
your DPL decision.

<Overfiend> so, Anita Schuessler sends us a naggy mail on Wednesday, grousing 
about how we haven't paid Brainfood's invoice yet, and goes on about what 
ungrateful bastards we are without even asking if we've already sent payment 
or not.
<Overfiend> Now, that's the same day Ean replied to our notice that we had 
scheduled payment through FirstIB, and said "Huzzah!"
<Overfiend> So apparently even Ean and his mother don't practice the sort of 
vaunted levels of communication that Ean vowed to bring to SPI.
* Overfiend shakes his head in disgust.
<Overfiend> While the grousing was justified, the failure of internal 
communication is quite telling.
<Overfiend> oh well.  Let's not forget that SPI sucks, no matter what.

All of you volunteers just remember: If you spend money out of your own pocket 
to help Debian and want to be repaid you are an evil idiot. If you complain 
after not getting paid for six months you are a naggy grouser. If you inquire 
about these topics regularly and comment on them then your organization is 
incompetent and so are you! 

SPI, however, totally has its shit in gear and any claims to the contrary is 
something that will require months of snide comments.

Vote Robinson! 

He's the man that will make you feel like your contribution is worthwhile!

Cheers and in disgust!

* This very sarcastic email brought to you by servers hosted at the highly 
incompetent Brainfood corporation and written by the naggy, incompetent and 
grousy Ean Schuessler and his incompetent staff. Proudly serving Debian with 
grumpy incompetence for almost 10 years or something!

Ean Schuessler, CTO
214-720-0700 x 315
Brainfood, Inc.

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