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Re: non-free and users?

Remi Vanicat wrote:
Sergey Spiridonov <sena@hurd.homeunix.org> writes:


I failed to prove that *just* refraining from distributing non-free
software would be *more* ethical. So I do not think doing only this is
enough. On the other side distributing non-free does not serves human
ethics in the most effective way. I assert that acting most ethically
all the time is one of the main Debian aims.

I will probably, end my participation to this discussion here, with
these comment: for me the aims of Debian is its user and free
software. its aim is to build the better system that we could with the
time and resource we give to it. Its aim is to have the job done, not
some philosophical aim. And if some of our user found helpful to have
a non-free repository, and we could give it to them, we should.

You are right it is not about the aim. It is about methods. This shouldn't be the main aim. This should be the main rule, technic, principle.

Best regards, Sergey Spiridonov

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