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Re: GRs, irrelevant amendments, and insincere voting

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 10:29:00 -0600, Graham Wilson <graham@debian.org> said: 

> On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 12:43:52AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
>> E) I say I'm willing to seriously consider breaking up my proposal
>>    if
>> the Project Secretary can help me identify how many axes of
>> orthogonality he perceives in my original RFD.

> FWIW, in my opinion there are five distinct changes that your
> proposal attempts to make to the social contract [1]:

> 1. Remove the language saying the DFSG is "below", which makes the
>    social contract and the DFSG separate. (3)

> 2. Expand our committment to freedom beyond software. (4)

	Huh? We don't ship any hardware or wetware; and the author of
 the sc has stated the sc was meant to cover everything on the
 CD's. There is no expansion going on.


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