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Re: Call for votes for the Condorcet/Clone proot SSD voting methodsGR

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 22:58:59 +1000, Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> said: 

> To be honest I wonder if this GR is only going to pass because of
> indifference. I wonder how many developers have actually read
> through the GR and understand it. I'm amazed at how little
> explanation there has been aimed at the non-voting geeks.

	What the hell is a voting geek? Someone who actually has taken
 the time to learn and educate themselves on this issue? Until I started
 pushing this GR last august, I knew nothing of the issues involved --
 but all the information one needs has been posted to this mailing
 list. This is not rocket science.

	I am pretty sure I do not want people who can't even spend a
 modicum of effort to learn about the issues at hand to have any
 influence on how things are done -- we are supposed to be the
 organization that puts together the best distribution, not dumb and

	Indifference I can understand -- and thus it is perfectly
 reasonable for people who have no interest in this not to vote at
 all. But expressing interest an not taking the effort to learn
 about the issue one is supposedly interested in is not something I

	Honestly, this seems like yet another instance of the gen-x
 trends to wear ones ignorance as a badge of honor. "heh heh. my math
 is so bad, I can't even add two numbers in my head" -- and then go
 off feeling the camaraderie that stems from a shared gross ignorance. 

	I have seen it before -- label the thinking person some nasty
 term ("person who tears off chicken heads with their teeth for others
 entertainment"), and pretend that being an ignoramus is the norm, and
 ridicule the person who has taken the effort to get them selves
 informed on a subject (voting geek indeed). 

	Expecting knowledge to be spoon fed in words of a single
 syllable, when all the material is already there in the archives, goes
 beyond the pale.

> I wonder how it would stand up to the scrutiny of a lot more eyes.
> There still seem to be some unresolved issues.

	In the opinion of one who has confessed a lack of
 understanding of the issue.

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