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Re: Call for votes for the Condorcet/Clone proot SSD voting methodsGR

Buddha Buck said:
>The proposers of this amendment also feel that it is worthy to drop 
>from consideration any other option that is not approved by a minimum 
>number of voters
Incidentally, this is by *far* the most controversial aspect of the
amendment.  This mechanism causes the "Condorcet winner"/"ideal 
democratic winner" to lose under certain contrived circumstances.  (They 
are rather contrived, admittedly, and strong arguments have been made 
that these circumstances will not really happen.)

Also, the mechanism used here is called "quorum" even though it bears only a 
passing resemblance to ordinary quorums, which has been quite confusing. 

> or has more not-approved votes than approved votes.  Only
>votes that have a minimum number of approved votes and are approved by
>more people than don't approve it are considered in the cSSD process.
This has proved quite uncontroversial.  It does not affect "ideal 
democratic winners", only the (estimated) 5% of votes without one.

--Nathanael Nerode.

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