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Re: Changing nameservers - WAS "Which resolv.conf file?"

On 7/31/19 1:20 PM, Greg Wooledge wrote:

> I still feel like you're missing the big picture here.  resolvconf isn't
> the thing that's modifying your /etc/resolv.conf file.  

It's the thing (that was) modifying my resolv.conf.

I have 2 Enet connections: a reliable T1 and a reasonably fast WiFi. I
have a shell script to bring up WiFi, and modify the routing table a
little, for downloads and stuff.

The WiFi server (DHCP) was always changing my DNS server to something I
didn't want -- when I'd cat resolv.conf, there was always a line at the
top saying the file had been created by resolvconf.

At first I kept a resolv file as I wanted it to be in /etc, and the
script just copied it over resolvconf's creation. Then I just deleted
the resolvconf file, and quit having problems.

It's quite possible I just didn't have something configured correctly,
but I did figure out a way to keep somebody from scribbling on my DNS
config. And there's nothing on my computers that changes it.

Glenn English

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