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Re: Assorted arm-buster problems - network configuration

On 2019-07-05, <tomas@tuxteam.de> <tomas@tuxteam.de> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 05, 2019 at 09:27:29PM +0100, Brian wrote:
> [...]
>> Some users are always fearful of new technology. They find all sorts of
>> ways to rubbish it, usually without any strong technical grounds but by
>> an appeal to tradition and emotion.
> Some other people always try to skirt a sound technical argument by
> reducing dissenting standpoints to psychological "reasons", e.g.
> "resistance to change".

You've offered no sound technical arguments whatsoever against avahi
that I have seen.  In fact, you often seem to find it quite irresistible
to pipe up with the fuzziest stuff at the fuzziest moments (like
expressing for the umpteenth time here your OT detestation of Google et.
al. and the vast conspiracy you believe is behind them all). 

The part you snipped above I believe opined that avahi was "an accident
waiting to happen" with nothing of substance to support that view. Is
that your idea of sound argumentation?

"These findings demonstrate that under appropriate conditions the isolated,
intact large mammalian brain possesses an underappreciated capacity for
restoration of microcirculation and molecular and cellular activity after a
prolonged post-mortem interval." From a recent article in *Nature*. Holy shit. 

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