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Re: Upgrading with a low data cap

Richard Owlett wrote:
> On 10/09/2018 04:57 AM, Dan Purgert wrote:
>> Richard Owlett wrote:
>>> On 10/08/2018 06:23 PM, David wrote:
>>>> On Tue, 9 Oct 2018 at 06:25, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:
>>>>> I have no LAN.
>>>>> I've a low cap.
>>>> Using the word "cap" suggests that you have an internet service provider.
>>> True
>>>> How do you connect to that service provider?
>>> The same way as for decades via a "modem" (quotation marks significant).
>>> That was not how my ISP describes it. T-mobile sells it as a WiFi
>>> Hotspot which is served by the cell network [the WiFi is turned off].
>>> When my former ISP discontinued dial-up service I chose not to use a
>>> connection that physically restricted me to a physical point of service.
>> You have the capacity for a LAN - you'll just need to turn your
>> USB-tethered machine into a router.  Although, perhaps that is work you
>> don't want to bother doing.
> LAN generally requires Ethernet. My second most used machine does not 
> have a physically available Ethernet port.

Ethernet doesn't require cables though.  However the secondary bit that
you cannot (will not?) add WiFi to the secondary (tertiary?) machines
does throw a wrench into the works.

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