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Re: Upgrading with a low data cap

On 10/07/2018 08:45 AM, Dan Purgert wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:
Is it possible to use the cached data on another machine?
What should I be reading?

I think so, but it may be more manual than you'd otherwise do.

NOT a problem.
I've lots of time. Data cap is the constraint. My routine since Squeeze had been install from complete DVD sets - was on 56k dial-up at the time and the habit stuck.

Perhaps you should look into apt-cache-ng (IIRC) or squid to facilitate
automatic caching.

That would handle future problems. I'll read up on them to see if it gives hints for current situation.

 Ive used the latter to good effect on slow ( "up to
5 mbps") connections in public labs at a local library (although its
been some time since ive done work there - they moved to windows)

Thank you.

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