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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

Dejan Jocic wrote:

>>> You must upgrade to the newest BIOS,
>>> because the F.07< bioses, were known to
>>> have trouble with ethernet drivers in Linux
>>> (and also in Windows XP). After that you
>>> don't have to add `noacpi` options on boot,
>>> as it is said in some forums.
>> Upgrade the BIOS? How do I do that?
>> And how do I know if I have F.07 or less?
> As for how to find BIOS version, you can use
> dmidecode command, with root privs to
> find out.

Oh, no! According to dmidecode, I have

    BIOS Information
      Vendor: Hewlett-Packard
      Version: 68MDU Ver. F.05

Does this mean I have to upgrade it?

Because, when they say "ethernet drivers",
does that refer to the physical Ethernet port
only? I'm asking because the USB-tethering
works with no problem. And that would seem like
much more recent technology? Isn't that
Ethernet as well? If it isn't, and it isn't
WiFi either, then what is it?

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