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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

On Sun 08 Oct 2017 at 18:29:04 +0200, Emanuel Berg wrote:

> Brian wrote:
> > If "yes", the failure to get an IP address
> > via DHCP has nothing to do with missing
> > wireless chip firmware.
> OK!
> So any theories as to why that happens?!
> I have another Debian computer there which
> doesn't have an Ethernet problem save for I run
> 'dhclient eth0' every time the computer is
> rebooted to get Internet back up.
> It is the same connection, even the same
> cable :)

In line with bw's suggestion you can now provide some hard information
to base theories and solutions on.

We surmise your computer is connected to a router by an ethernet cable.
Boot the installer in expert mode and go through the first two screens.
Say "no" to providing firmware (it all seems wireless related and you
have no desire for wireless). Eventually you will be asked for what
interface to use. We want to know everything you see on the screen at
that point.

Choose an interface and move on. Is this where it fails? Let us know
what you see. Stop, switch to console 2 and do 'more /var/log/syslog'.
Anything towards the end of that log?


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