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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

Brian wrote:

> In line with bw's suggestion you can now
> provide some hard information to base
> theories and solutions on.
> We surmise your computer is connected to
> a router by an ethernet cable. Boot the
> installer in expert mode and go through the
> first two screens. Say "no" to providing
> firmware (it all seems wireless related and
> you have no desire for wireless).
> Eventually you will be asked for what
> interface to use. We want to know everything
> you see on the screen at that point.
> Choose an interface and move on. Is this
> where it fails? Let us know what you see.
> Stop, switch to console 2 and do 'more
> /var/log/syslog'. Anything towards the end of
> that log?

I managed to install it by unplugging the
Ethernet cable, moving the computer to another
place, and instead using a smartphone with
USB-tethering to provide Internet. Now one
wonders, what will happen when I plug in an
Ethernet cable once more and expect Internet
to work? Will it?

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