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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

On 2017-10-12, Emanuel Berg <moasen@zoho.com> wrote:
> Brian wrote:
>> Choose an interface and move on. Is this
>> where it fails? Let us know what you see.
>> Stop, switch to console 2 and do 'more
>> /var/log/syslog'. Anything towards the end of
>> that log?
> I managed to install it by unplugging the
> Ethernet cable, moving the computer to another
> place, and instead using a smartphone with
> USB-tethering to provide Internet. Now one
> wonders, what will happen when I plug in an
> Ethernet cable once more and expect Internet
> to work? Will it?

For the answer to these questions and more, be sure to tune in to the
next installment of "Manny Does Debian."

But all seriousness aside I don't see many people having trouble with
the network card on this oldish laptop (82562GT 10/100 Network
Connection (driver:e1000)?



it says: 

 Ethernet   Yes   With current BIOS works out of the box, else see Notes

The notes say:


  You must upgrade to the newest BIOS, because the F.07< bioses, were
  known to have trouble with ethernet drivers in Linux (and also in
  Windows XP). After that you don't have to add `noacpi` options on boot,
  as it is said in some forums.

You do have an HP Compaq 6720s, right?

At any rate, good luck.

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