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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

Curt wrote:

>> I managed to install it by unplugging the
>> Ethernet cable, moving the computer to
>> another place, and instead using
>> a smartphone with USB-tethering to provide
>> Internet. Now one wonders, what will happen
>> when I plug in an Ethernet cable once more
>> and expect Internet to work? Will it?
> For the answer to these questions and more,
> be sure to tune in to the next installment of
> "Manny Does Debian."


> You must upgrade to the newest BIOS, because
> the F.07< bioses, were known to have trouble
> with ethernet drivers in Linux (and also in
> Windows XP). After that you don't have to add
> `noacpi` options on boot, as it is said in
> some forums.

Upgrade the BIOS? How do I do that?

And how do I know if I have F.07 or less?

> You do have an HP Compaq 6720s, right?


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