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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

On 13-10-17, Emanuel Berg wrote:
> Curt wrote:
> >> I managed to install it by unplugging the
> >> Ethernet cable, moving the computer to
> >> another place, and instead using
> >> a smartphone with USB-tethering to provide
> >> Internet. Now one wonders, what will happen
> >> when I plug in an Ethernet cable once more
> >> and expect Internet to work? Will it?
> >
> > For the answer to these questions and more,
> > be sure to tune in to the next installment of
> > "Manny Does Debian."
> :)
> > You must upgrade to the newest BIOS, because
> > the F.07< bioses, were known to have trouble
> > with ethernet drivers in Linux (and also in
> > Windows XP). After that you don't have to add
> > `noacpi` options on boot, as it is said in
> > some forums.
> Upgrade the BIOS? How do I do that?
> And how do I know if I have F.07 or less?
> > You do have an HP Compaq 6720s, right?
> Yes.
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I've checked it fast and it looks like that there is no BIOS updates to
download for Linux for your model. But there are some for Windows XP.
So, there are 2 possible solutions. One is to install M$ on some hard
and to download and install BIOS update with it. After that get rid of
that infection of operating system. Other solution would be to do
something like this:


Never did it on HP, so not sure how well it would go. But I know that
method like that/similar to that was successful on Dell laptops before.
As for how to find BIOS version, you can use dmidecode command, with
root privs to find out.

Hope that this helps.

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