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Re: Sudden death of bluetooth headphone connectivity

Mark Fletcher wrote:

> No sign of "remove", but I don't know if there would be or not...
> So IF I am interpreting the above correctly, I ran apt autoremove but it
> didn't do anything, I did upgrade a shedload of packages and the next
> thing to do is to sift through that shedload looking for changes
> (somehow) that might have caused the problem. I'm not really sure how I
> am going to tell what changes a package upgrade made, unless the
> changelog happens to mention something useful, but hopefully something
> will turn up... I'll start with packages that look pulseaudio or
> bluetooth-related, and go from there...
> Mark

Can you try bluetoothctl and see if it connects properly.
you can also post the output of "info <bt addr>"


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