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Re: Sudden death of bluetooth headphone connectivity

On Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 10:39:03PM +0200, deloptes wrote:
> Mark Fletcher wrote:
> > 
> I vaguely recall there was a package that needs to be installed for the
> audio to work, but it does not show into dependencies, so it is not pulled
> with bluez or pulse audio (this is based on jessie storie), while it is
> providing the link between them. Perhaps you did autoremove not used
> packages and lost it.
> Unfortunately I upgraded as well and never had the time to see if audio via
> bluetooth works in stretch
This has the ring of common sense to it -- it would explain why it 
suddenly stopped working. I didn't do an apt autoremove last Sunday, but 
may have done one the Sunday before -- which would have been reckless 
even for me just before going on a business trip during which I wanted 
to be able to access my machine remotely [albeit not the bluetooth 
parts], but I suspect I did it anyway... I certainly did one recently, 
just can't remember exactly when, and hence can't be sure whether I have 
used bluetooth headphones successfully since...

If anyone can remember which package that is, I can check if it is 
installed... The only thing is I am not sure how it would have got onto 
the system if it isn't depended on and I didn't install it manually. And 
if it IS depended on, or I did install it manually, apt autoremove 
should not have removed it...

To someone's point, Google'S coming up fairly blank on this one...


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