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Re: Stretch stable and jessie testing - repositories listed (new pkgs under freeze)

> On Fri 10 Feb 2017 at 10:43:00 +0000, GiaThnYgeia wrote:
> [We are are talking about some using the testing distribution].
>> I did not upgrade this time, just left it where it is as "if it ain't
>> broke don't fix it" wondering why this is.  I think the uneasiness comes
>> from the feeling of not being able to revert things once they have been
>> broken.
> You have volunteered to test testing; please take it seriously. You will
> have to upgrade sometime, if only to get to stable when it is released,

Yes, you are right and I am conscious of this obligation.  Only, with
the previous discussion on the same thread, I thought I may have done
something wrong and this was the consequence.  I did upgrade and with no
noticeable effects - yet!  I have noticed some partial slow down in the
booting routine lately, I don't know whether it is normal or not.
it seemed as it had been improved between jessie and stretch then seemed
slightly longer lately.  Not very significant of an issue.  I check and
carry upgrades twice daily lately.  I'm getting ready a second box where
I can have an equivalent built and test things 1-2 days ahead my main
box.  Down-time is expensive if work that pays the bills comes from a
single machine.

> Hello,
> Take a look at Synaptic Menu you can select a package and then go to >
Package > Force Version, you can only force one package at a time
> but, yes you can downgrade. I can down grade a couple hundred
> packages without much problem, depends on the user.

This is good to know if one can get back to synaptic after things fall
apart.  I have tried this once with a non debian package and worked once
but I had read somewhere that I couldn't or I shouldn't and took it as a
rule.  You are saying that one can go from a higher edition of debian
back to a lower edition, or are we talking about package versions within
the same edition?  Like if you dislike libreoffice5 and want to go back
to 4** I don't see how can this be done by synaptic, unless you remove 5
and download or apt-get a specific package from Libre.

> --
> Jimmy Johnson


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