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Re: Installing an Alternative Init?

On Tue 11 Nov 2014 at 07:33:44 -0500, Miles Fidelman wrote:

> Brian wrote:
> >Placing the bar so high at "clean" for the reason given is unwarranted,
> >especially if preseeding with
> >
> >    d-i base-installer/includes string sysvinit-core
> >
> >is done. Then systemd-sysv is cleanly removed during the install of the
> >base system and there is no dependency hell to be considered.
> >
> >Having removed the reason we can now not just lower the bar but dispense
> >with it entirely. Installing and booting with sysvinit-core becomes a
> >non-issue.
> >
> Perhaps you should read bug 668001

We both took part in a similar discussion at


When you re-read the thread you may want to revise your misplaced

> For Wheezy, if attempting a clean install of systemd:
> if you use debootstrap unstable foo --include=systemd-sysv
> --exclude=sysvinit
> the install fails
> For Jessie:
> The reverse fails.

It is a complete success here with the beta2 d-i and preseeding. As dpkg

   considering removing systemd-sysv in favour of sysvinit-core ...
   yes, will remove systemd-sysv in favour of sysvinit-core

It's the happy init camper's dream outcome with no downsides.

> I'd be quite happy if the installer were capable of a clean choice of init;
> at them moment that bug stands in the way.  And it's not just a matter of
> applying the (recently) contributed patch to debootstrap.  One has to also
> build an alternate installer.
> But maybe, you haven't been paying attention.

My attention has been sufficient to see that any reasons you gave for
desiring a "clean" choice over what is on offer are dead in the water.

#668001 may not be the only thing standing in the way; I wish you well
with your alternative installer.

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