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Re: Sid Systemd upgrade

Am 22.07.2014 00:21, schrieb Joe:
> So I plugged in the drive, and suddenly it all burst into life. Well,
> nearly all, no networking, which is a bit limiting for a workstation...
> This drive has its own fstab entries by UUID, as it often gets plugged
> into this desktop. My assumption is that failing to find the drive
> present had blocked proper startup. Once it was mostly going, I
> commented out the fstab entries, along with the network mounts,
> unplugged the drive, rebooted, and it has reached the point where I can
> post this. At least, I'm assuming it will post when I press this...

I assume this partition on the removable drive is not marked "noauto" or

Since systemd can't know which mount points are essential for your
system to come up properly, the default is to drop you into a rescue
shell if the devices do not show up during boot (the timeout is 90 secs).

You can tell systemd though, which devices should be not mounted
automatically (noauto) or which are not critical if missing (nofail).

Hope that helps,


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