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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Sat 12 Jul 2014 at 11:26:23 -0400, Miles Fidelman wrote:

[Sorry to snip a lot of reasonable comment, but I'd rather concentrate
on your final points for now].
> Now, I would hope that by the time Jessie gets released as stable,
> bugs and impacts have been minimized, and that the release notes and
> installation instructions are comprehensive when it comes to systemd
> impacts - but we're from there.

We all hope the same as you with regard to bugs. "Impacts" are a different
matter; I rather think the beneficial impacts of systemd are not what you have
in mind! The vast majority of users will press a button and the machine will
boot properly; they will not care less. Those who have responsibility for more
complex systems will read the documentation, whether it be Debian's or
upstream's; duty is a hard taskmaster. 

> The discussions on this list are precisely what will lead to such
> documentation by:

You are very optimistic. debian-user doesn't replace the BTS.

> a. alert many of us to issues and impacts before we migrate
> (particularly impacts on things that won't be caught by package
> maintainers)

Let's be specific here. If you are in charge of a cups installation with
1,000 printers you are surely going to read its Debian documentation?
Why should the Release Notes mention socket activation as an "impact"
and point you there?

> b. provide input to package maintainers, and maybe upstream
> developers, on things that might need some work as a result of
> systemd

The BTS exists for this purpose.

> c. provide raw material for the release notes and installation
> instructions for Jessie

debian-doc is the place for this.

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