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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Lu, 07 iul 14, 23:41:59, Miroslav Hrabal wrote:
> Regarding reboot and shutdown, it's possible to handle this giving 
> regular users sudo permission to use /sbin/shutdown (or halt/reboot), 
> isn't it? Regarding automounting, I thought that it's usually handled 
> by gvfs? Why would anybody had to use systemd because of it?
> (Sorry if I'm mistaken)

Because you can't do it securely, unless you can reliably and securely 
distinguish between users that are logged on locally or remote[1].

Just imagine that "fun" one can have on a multi-user system by remotely:
- shutting down the system
- reading contents of removable storage
- listening in on audio streams (even the microphone)
- recording from the webcam (bonus points for disabling the activity 

If you find a way to solve this by using only traditional Unix groups 
I'm sure a lot of people would like to know how.

[1] no, utmp doesn't count, even utmp(5) states programs would be 
"foolish" to depend on its integrity

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