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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Fri, 11 Jul 2014 06:51:11 +0100
Balint Szigeti <balint.szgt@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, 2014-07-08 at 13:12 +0200, berenger.morel@neutralite.org
> wrote:

> > I can't, but I want to ask some questions about that problem you 
> > describe.
> > Are remote desktop the majority of linux uses?
> > Do you really need remote capabilities when you use your own
> > computer? What is the need of remote desktops on servers which are
> > not dedicated?
> exactly. why does Linux want to be a Windows DE?
> (multi-graph-sessions)? because someone calls 'it is a modern system'?
> usually, if one system is used by several people, that is a server and
> the servers (if its admin learnt a little) doesn't have GUI because
> it's not necessary. 

A bizarre thought just popped into my head, in the form of a little
voice. The little voice told me that if they guys who controlled the
decision to go to systemd had been the decision makers in 1990, Linux
would have a microkernel today. 


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