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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Sb, 05 iul 14, 14:25:57, Steve Litt wrote:
> First things first: I'm Steve Litt, using the same email address I've
> used since 1996. You may or may not believe me a troll, but you have to
> admit I'm not some guy coming around yet again with new email address,
> trying to fool everybody.
> conformant to the Unix Philosophy. Now comes systemd, which, from what
> I've heard, is a further step away from the Unix Philosophy, in that it
> is more monolithic and exerts more control and more continuous control
> over all programs, from what I understand. And most un-Unix of all,
> from what I understand it has binary log files.
> In other words, from what I hear about systemd, it would be more
> It looks to me like the main goals are to boot faster, and to tie

You say you don't want to troll, yet you make a lot of claims based, as 
you yourself admit, on hearsay.

> My plan is to switch to systemd, see how I like it, and if I don't,
> install the old boot system, or if that can no longer be done, switch
> distros. I don't see systemd as the end of the world. *But*, I think a
> discussion of a plan B is very ontopic, because if the conversion to
> systemd turns out to be even 1/10 the fiasco that the kmail to kmail2
> change was, we all need a systemd alternative, and a plan to make that
> switch.

Change is difficult and there will be problems. On the other hand 
systemd is used by a lot of distros already and the alternatives either 
bitrot (sysv-init) or aren't really viable (OpenRC, etc.).

Usually I'm not going with "the crowd" in my choices, but so far systemd 
has worked fine for me (according to my git log I made the switch last 
December) and I have no reason to even look at the alternatives.

Kind regards,
Andrei (currently involved in another major transition at work and 
eagerly waiting for it)
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