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Re: Iptables

Le 27/06/2014 20:34, The Wanderer a écrit :
> Every E-mail or newsgroup post made by a standards-compliant mail
> program contains a theoretically-unique ID number, called the Message-ID
> header.
> When you hit Reply on an E-mail using a modern mail client (and quite a
> few non-modern ones), in addition to generating a new Message-ID for
> your reply, the mail client creates another header called "In-Reply-To".
> It copies the Message-ID from the original mail into this new header.
> Then, when someone receives both the original mail and your reply, their
> own mail client can use these two headers to figure out that "these two
> mails belong together, in this order".
> Some mail clients (such as Thunderbird) can use that information to
> display a nested hierarchy of "which mail is a reply to which", which I
> find very useful; others just use it for "conversation view"-type
> sorting; others ignore it entirely. If someone using a mail client which
> is configured to not ignore that information receives both messages,
> they will immediately be able to tell that your message is a reply, even
> if you changed the Subject line.
> The essential takeaway from this is that if you want to create a new
> thread on a mailing list or similar public forum, it's not good enough
> to just hit Reply on an existing mail and change the Subject line; you
> need to create a New mail instead, and enter the To address separately.
And note that with Icedove (that Diogene uses) you can right click on
the address in the header of an existing post and choose "send a message
to this address", or equivalent (I have a french version). Which will
really create a new email.

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