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Re: Three trials installing LILO - was [Re: Unexpected results attempting to install Squeeze(6.0.5) to USB flash drive]

Le 18.04.2013 23:34, Richard Owlett a écrit :
berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
You will have to
give it the OSes you want to use. If you did not
specifically add the correct lines, you will not be able to
boot the first OS, since LILO have no clue about it's

I had un-commented the line with "install=menu" and then run "lilo",
did not be a menu on the nexg boot.
A menu with a single entry DOES appear if I'm quick enough hitting
the space bar after LILO appears during boot.
That's why I thought I needed a tutorial.

And your timeout entry is at?
Try to set it at 50, it correspond to 5s.

  booting from flash drive hung in ash shell with prompt

Surely it asked you to give some informations, or it gave
you some error?

Nada :<
After booting the system on the hard drive, I went looking
unsucessfuly for a log file on the flash drive.
I can see a hard reset improperly closing any log file that may have
been opened. Looking at the response to ash shell help command, I did
not see anthing that would correctly close any open file.

This is strange that you have no error message... I can not really help you more with so few informations, since I have no key and so can not try to do that myself.

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