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Re: Three trials installing LILO - was [Re: Unexpected results attempting to install Squeeze(6.0.5) to USB flash drive]

Le 18.04.2013 20:56, Richard Owlett a écrit :
  CASE 2
     Installation ran to normal finish.
    On reboot I had a correct shell which accepted login.
    After executing su, I did
apt-get install gnome-session gdm3 gedit gnome-terminal gparted
    which ran to completion without error message(s) [warned that
LBA32 addressing assumed]
    Installed system operated as expected,
    *EXCEPT* no way to boot the first installation.

AFAIK, Lilo have no os-prober-like stuff. You will have to give it the OSes you want to use. If you did not specifically add the correct lines, you will not be able to boot the first OS, since LILO have no clue about it's existence.

  booting from flash drive hung in ash shell with prompt (inittramfs)

Surely it asked you to give some informations, or it gave you some error?

Also could someone point me to a current tutorial for LILO. Browsing
debian.org and Google was unrewarding.

I guess this is a good start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LILO_(boot_loader) and if you follow links to official website you'll be able to find some documentation here http://lilo.alioth.debian.org/olddoc/html/user_21-5.html

Not sure it is enough for you though.

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