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Unexpected results attempting to install Squeeze(6.0.5) to USB flash drive

CAUTION: My goal does *NOT* resemble a normal install

I want to do a full install to a USB flash drive (thumb drive). I am not looking to run the installer ISO from the flash drive. I do not want a "LIVE install" with or without persistence.

Due to constraints of another personal project I first investigated using LILO as bootloader. I made several tries and always ended up in some sort of CLI shell.

*QUESTION:* Before I start a futile trouble shooting procedure, is LILO known to work when installed from the Debian 6.0.5 set of DVDs?

My second attempt was using Grub 1.99. It almost worked satisfactorily. As I saw no way to disable OS_PROBER(sp?) during the install, the menu written to the flash drive includes the Operating Systems on the piece of hardware used to write the flash drive. This is obviously a problem when wishing to run Debian on another set of hardware.

*QUESTION:* Is there a way to defeat/disable OS_PROBER(sp?) during installation?

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