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Re: Tiling window manager based desktop environment (was: Re: MICROSOFT HIRED THESE PEOPLE TO SABOTAGE OPEN SOURCE)

On 09 Apr 2013, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
> To be honest, I must admit I found them absolutely useless too in
> tiling layout. But in stacked or tabbed ones, how could I see on
> what kind of window I'll go if I can not see their titles? (I guess
> this is why they are preserved by i3 in those layouts?)
> If I understand, what you want is a fullscreen mode where you can
> still switch windows?

Spectrwm doesn't have stacked windows in the way that i3 does. It has
much the same layouts as dwm, xmonad etc., i.e. with a master window
plus others beside it or beneath it, or fullscreen. 

Amyway, I'd say that both these are very good tiling WMs, and it's a
matter of personal taste which you prefer. Of course, tiling WMs in
general are an acquired taste and they are not for everyone.

Anthony Campbell - ac@acampbell.org.uk 

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