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Re: Tiling window manager based desktop environment (was: Re: MICROSOFT HIRED THESE PEOPLE TO SABOTAGE OPEN SOURCE)

On 09 Apr 2013, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
>> Interesting.
> I just would like to notify you of some imprecise expressions which
> could lead to error: "But I mostly work in stacked mode" you should
> have speak about stacked layout, since the stacking mode is the one
> used by most 

Not sure about this. I know about the distinction betwee stacked and
tiling WMs, but i3 seems to use "mode" and "layout" interchangeably.
>From the i3 man page:

	   Containers [i.e. windows] can be used in various LAYOUTS. 
	   The default MODE is called "default" and just  resizes 
           each client equally so that it fits.

> And about the problem you found with it, I wonder why you do not use
> the tabbed layout? (I thought it was possible to hide title bars,
> but while reading the doc it appears that I was wrong... But I just
> discovered that there is an option to hide the status bar, nice!)

I did use the tabbed layout but the titles took up a lot of horizontal
space, which was worse than having them vertically. In spectrwm you can
have window titles if you want them but I haven't tried it. I don't
really have much need for window titles.

Status bar: in spectrwm you can optionally have no frame at all in
fullscreen when you turn off the status bar. An absolutely minimal

Anthony Campbell - ac@acampbell.org.uk 

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