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Re: Tiling window manager based desktop environment (was: Re: MICROSOFT HIRED THESE PEOPLE TO SABOTAGE OPEN SOURCE)

Le 09.04.2013 14:13, Anthony Campbell a écrit :
I like i3 too, but I find that spectrwm has similar features but is
better in some respects. I have a comparison of i3, dwm, xmonad, and
spectrwm on my blog at

There is quite a lot of other stuff about these
window managers on my blog, including how to compile the latest version
of spectrwm on Debian (the one in the repository is quite old).

I just would like to notify you of some imprecise expressions which could lead to error: "But I mostly work in stacked mode" you should have speak about stacked layout, since the stacking mode is the one used by most WM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stacking_window_manager). And about the problem you found with it, I wonder why you do not use the tabbed layout? (I thought it was possible to hide title bars, but while reading the doc it appears that I was wrong... But I just discovered that there is an option to hide the status bar, nice!)

I think I will give spectrwm a try one of those days. You described some interesting features which would be really nice to have, and since I have always had some problems to move were I want with tons of terminals on a workspace, if it is easier to move focus and/or windows, I should definitely try it! (i3 often confuse me when I try to resize windows, too)

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