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Re: Tiling window manager based desktop environment (was: Re: MICROSOFT HIRED THESE PEOPLE TO SABOTAGE OPEN SOURCE)

Le 09.04.2013 17:44, Anthony Campbell a écrit :
On 09 Apr 2013, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
I just would like to notify you of some imprecise expressions which
could lead to error: "But I mostly work in stacked mode" you should
have speak about stacked layout, since the stacking mode is the one
used by most

Not sure about this. I know about the distinction betwee stacked and
tiling WMs, but i3 seems to use "mode" and "layout" interchangeably.

I did not meant that you do not know the distinction, it is simply that I generally prefer to use good words, and I thought it was a negligence of yours. The link to the article was simply to prove my words, nothing more and nothing less.

From the i3 man page:

	   Containers [i.e. windows] can be used in various LAYOUTS.
	   The default MODE is called "default" and just  resizes
           each client equally so that it fits.

Ah. True, I did not noticed.

And about the problem you found with it, I wonder why you do not use
the tabbed layout? (I thought it was possible to hide title bars,
but while reading the doc it appears that I was wrong... But I just
discovered that there is an option to hide the status bar, nice!)

I did use the tabbed layout but the titles took up a lot of horizontal
space, which was worse than having them vertically.

Here, stacked layout takes much more space than tabbed... titles takes all horizontal space anyway, but in stacked they also stack, which makes them take more vertical space... Speaking about that, it seems that the title disabling only works in tiling mode, maybe I should report a bug... I do not know maybe it is normal...

In spectrwm you can
have window titles if you want them but I haven't tried it. I don't
really have much need for window titles.

To be honest, I must admit I found them absolutely useless too in tiling layout. But in stacked or tabbed ones, how could I see on what kind of window I'll go if I can not see their titles? (I guess this is why they are preserved by i3 in those layouts?)

If I understand, what you want is a fullscreen mode where you can still switch windows?

Status bar: in spectrwm you can optionally have no frame at all in
fullscreen when you turn off the status bar. An absolutely minimal

Same in i3 here. The bar is even stopped to limit battery consumption says the doc, but I think it is a new feature of 4.4 since I really did not remember anything about that before.

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