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Re: Mozilla Firefox ESR for 64bit systems

On Sun, 2013-04-07 at 16:51 +0100, Kevin Chadwick wrote:
> > > Breaking the system because Arch haven't tested it well enough, or
> > > released the right information happened atleast three times in the 6
> > > months that I used it.  
> > 
> > It only happened one time for me, when they switched from init to
> > systemd I dropped Arch for perhaps a year. But with Debian and Ubuntu
> > breaking the system happens several times a year. IMO the testing is
> > much better for Arch than for any other distro I used.
> By broken I guess you mean changes stopped your audio setup working?

Yes, IMO it's hard to break setups that have less critical factors. IMO
it's very unlikely that an update will damage a Linux for an office app,
a browser and mailer that easy, as it can brake real-time capabilities.

> interesting. What did you do during that year, try Gentoo or
> debian/ubuntu?

Gentoo might be a good choice, but I don't want to learn very much, I
prefer the easy way and I guess using Gentoo is more work. Since I
switched from Debian to Arch, I used Ubuntu and still maintain an Ubuntu
install parallel to my Arch Linux + _I stay subscribed to the Debian
list_ to keep informed about the state of Debian. There would be no
Ubuntu without Debian.

> I meant for updates. I have never had to manually intervene to enable
> successful updates with any other package management system including
> Sabayon's? Base may go out of sync on OpenBSD but that is perfectly
> predictable and requires perfectly predictable sudo commands.

It's a long time ago since I booted my FreeBSD, I would use FreeBSD more
often, if it would be as easy to maintain as Linux.

Q: "OpenBSD or FreeBSD? Ideas?"
A: "So a guy walks into a church and asks if he should believe in God or
the devil. Not that I'm equating either one to FreeBSD or OpenBSD but I
think you know what answer you're going to get on a FreeBSD forum"

Hm, well, BSD has got a mascot ;). When there was a sexism debate on
Linux audio users mailing list, about a harmless default wallpaper,
somebody posted links to young women dressed as Beastie the BSD mascot.

For me the decision was easy to do, because my sound card does cause
issues on Linux, I needed to test if the sound card isn't broken, so I
had to install another OS. Before installing Windows I searched for
another OS supporting my sound card and I had good luck, there's a
driver for FreeBSD :), no Windows needed to test the sound card.

But regarding to updates the management by ports for a FreeBSD noop like
me is a PITA and btw. I also prefer binaries to compiling _really
everything_ from source. Theoretically you can manage FreeBSD by a
package management that does provide binaries too, but when I installed
FreeBSD there were no repositories available, IIRC regarding to a
security issue, I guess there was an attack.

However, if user space on FreeBSD should break, it won't harm the whole
system. I suspect it's the same for OpenBSD? And in a similar way even
Arch Linux separates some core components from other packages, by having
a separated "core" repository.

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