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Re: Mozilla Firefox ESR for 64bit systems

On Sun, 2013-04-07 at 15:16 +0100, Kevin Chadwick wrote:
> Arch has some good plus points such as a very fast package manager

IMO the easiest to use package management, at least by comparison with
RPM and DEP. Learning how to build Debian packages does takes a while
and you'll forget how to do it when not doing it very often. I also
forget how to build Arch packages, but it's easy and not time consuming
to get this knowledge back or even to get it for the very first time.

> One of their main principles is to follow upstream

That is the only PITA by Arch Linux and the reason for me that I also
use other distros.

> Breaking the system because Arch haven't tested it well enough, or
> released the right information happened atleast three times in the 6
> months that I used it.

It only happened one time for me, when they switched from init to
systemd I dropped Arch for perhaps a year. But with Debian and Ubuntu
breaking the system happens several times a year. IMO the testing is
much better for Arch than for any other distro I used.

> If you Google "Arch" "unprofessional" you will see they do have quite a
> long history of burying problems apparently including removing forum
> pages and recently moderating even the users list but allowing devs
> obviously to make comments that have since been found to be incorrect.

The Arch general mailing list is odd moderated, but Arch is one of the
distros with a huge community. The people in the German forums are
completely the opposite of the people you'll find in the general mailing

Arch had the best Wikis, just at the moment they are in a mess, but they
will be fixed soon.

However, talking about the pros and cons of a distro in general is
pointless. If somebody want's to use Linux for a special task, then it's
still not easy, but possible to give some recommendations about
advantages and disadvantages of some distros.

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