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Mozilla Firefox ESR for 64bit systems

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Debian users !
Everyone who uses Wheezy already can install Firefox-ESR. Here is what it is:
ESR stands for 'Extended Support Release' and this matches Debian better than the current
stable release of Firefox in my opinion, but everyone has to decide for themselves, which
version they prefer, also I admit that Firefox is not the only webbrowser available, some
people may prefer different products.
ESR is a good compromise in my opinion, because it provides a more recent version than
'iceweasel', which will have to remain at version 10.x throughout the Wheezy-lifecycle,
and at the same time ESR is more stable than the other current versions considered stable
by Mozilla.
Mozilla recommends subscribing to the EWG-Mailinglist to interested parties:
Here is, what EWG means anyway:
The correct Firefox-version for AMD64-systems can be found here:
I ran into trouble because, when using the download-link at the end of the FAQ-page, one
gets the 32-bit version, which is not workable on 64-bit systems.
Anyone who has a different architecture also finds the sources there and can try building
for themselves. Printing is not an issue anymore, but it seems to be necessary to remove
iceweasel first, prior to using Firefox.
 # apt-get remove iceweasel 
is sufficient for this.
Browser-settings and -plugins are preserved and can then be further used with Firefox.
It was worth the effort for me, because the HTML5-video performance is better with the
ESR-release and now it is possible to watch online-videos in fullscreen mode on my
relatively weak testing-machine, so possibly others like it, too.
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