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Re: Mozilla Firefox ESR for 64bit systems

On Thu, 2013-04-04 at 15:55 -0400, Charles Kroeger wrote:
> What am I looking for here, better HTML 5 (?) Will that do away with all those
> video-not-available messages I see on youtube, or make things worse?

For my current Arch Linux install I decided not to install flashplayer
or even gnash anymore, but I'm using (used) current version(s) of
Firefox and most, if not all, YouTube videos can be played. I did some
"hardcore" tests, rather ambiguous ;), IOW I tested some
"expressionist"Tubes and couldn't play those videos. I don't know if
it's related to the missing flashplayer, since I also didn't install
tons of proprietary codecs anymore. I can live without
"expressionist"Tubes and I also could live without YouTube, but as
already mentioned, YouTube does work and demo videos for software
usually, perhaps always, can be played too. And I really use Firefox, I
don't confuse it with the Google thingy.

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