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Re: [OT] Will upcoming Debian 8 release default to XFCE for the CD media?

On Sat, 11 Aug 2012 09:47:36 +0300, Andrei POPESCU wrote:

> On Vi, 10 aug 12, 17:36:15, Camaleón wrote:
>> Yes, and here we had a problem with communication: users were not aware
>> about this "issue" until they've read it from external sources (blogs,
>> magazines, etc...). I'm susbscribed to Debian News and Debian Announce
>> (and now added debian-devel and debian-devel-anounce) in a hope of
>> trying to track these changes/decisions very closely because I'm
>> interested on them but I wonder if this is just an impossible goal to
>> achieve unless normal users subscribe to all of the development mailing
>> lists.
> As I see it, if one wants to follow Debian Development they should be
> subscribed to at least -devel-announce, any specific mailing list and
> possibly also -devel.

>From -devel-announce I recall this:


And notice the "known issues":

* CD1 without a network mirror isn't sufficient to install a full
desktop environment.

But how to interpret that? There's no indicaction that the issue is being 
actively discussed elsewhere or nothing that can make the user to even 
imagine a new desktop default is in place :-)

As I've been recently following "-devel" I can't tell if this was 
mentioned here. 

And for -boot and -cd, I can't see a strong reason to follow them, given 
that I have no direct relation with those projects (I'm neither a 
developer nor have opened any bug against them) and can't really track 
all mailing lists for every single project, there are many!

Instead, I would have expected that important changes (like this) are 
broadcasted to some "key" mailing list (such as -devel-announce or -news).

> If one only cares about major changes and/or stable releases than
> -announce, -news *and* reading the Release Notes is enough.

These are in my "to-track" list since I installed my first Debian :-)

And thanks Andrei, for your feedback.



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