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Re: difficult to isolate problem - browser access to router has problems on on machine but not other

Camaleón wrote, on 17/04/12 00:25:
On Mon, 16 Apr 2012 07:34:55 +0930, Arthur Marsh wrote:

Camaleón wrote, on 15/04/12 23:43:


Are you accessing to the router web interface using the same browser
from both machines? What's the browser that gets stuck after the login

Yes, gtklauncher from libwebkit on each machine.

Mmm, I don't know the capabilities of "gtklauncher" but if it works on
one computer it should also work in the other.

Are there any differences between both computer environments (e.g., same
package version of "libwebkit"?). Also, 32 and 64 bits package versions
can make a difference so to discard any bug or incompatibility problem
with "gtklauncher" I would try with a different browser.

As mentioned in another sub-thread I bought a realtek 8169 based network card (same chipset as the built-in ethernet on the AMD64 motherboard). This worked in the Pentium4 machine running the i386 version of Debian at accessing the router's web interface, but failed on the AMD64 machine running the AMD64 version of Debian.

I'd like to try a network card with a different chipset in the AMD64 machine. (Also one could put the hard disk from the Pentium4 machine in the AMD64 machine to run the i386 version of Debian in the AMD64 machine).

I've saved wireshark traces from both machines.

As it gets stuck after login, more than a connectivity issue I would go
for a management issue, I mean, the browser cannot handle the client
request and this can be caused by many sources (bad web interface
programming, cookies, javascript error...).

Well, you can check if the router provides a telnet/ssh access
alternative and manage it from there. I find CLI modes of these devices
are most stable and reliable than their web interface.

It does have a telnet interface, but that interface doesn't offer any
management capabilities.

In my experience, it uses to be the opposite: while CLI provides all of
the settings that can be tweaked, the web GUI only gives the user the
possibility to configure the basics and hides the rest :-)


Thanks for your suggestions, but I've tried several browsers on the AMD64 machine and experience the same fault, so I'm tending towards an AMD64-specific bug that happens with the realtek 8169 chipset.


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